NEWS: Anneliese pledges to campaign for affordable housing

Anneliese has pledged to campaign for more affordable housing in the city as one of her top priorities.

She said: “One thing that came up very consistently on the doorstep was the high cost of housing in Oxford and the shortage of housing we have in the city.

“That was mentioned by a whole range of different people, whether they were students or young professionals or families, trying to find somewhere secure and affordable.

“Last weekend I was in Blackbird Leys talking to some people who work in the NHS.

“These two people in the NHS were both working but both finding it hard to keep up with the cost of housing.”

Anneliese said voters she spoke to in the run-up to the election and afterwards ‘liked Labour’s commitment to building more homes’.

She added: “Voters also liked Labour’s policy on providing more rights for renters - now we really need to see these policies being put into practice.”

Anneliese said it was important that there was a ‘planned approach’ to new housing in Oxford.

She added: “People feel the housing mix is not right and I am happy to take that up with the council.”